Coffee Capsules

Coffee capsules have many potential health benefits for people of all ages. Coffee is a stimulant that has been used for thousands of years by mankind, for alleviating ailments such as depression, or a loss of energy. Modern science has shown that the compounds in coffee have many potential health benefits, ranging from reducing the chance for diabetes, to improving cognitive recall and memory.

Coffee Capsules

Coffee Capsules

While coffee has many health benefits, drinking adequate amounts of coffee to experience these health benefits can be challenging and in some cases impossible. Many individuals do not enjoy the taste of coffee, or don’t have the time or ability to drink several coffee beverages everyday. Gelatin capsules containing a coffee extract are now available for those who want to receive the health benefits of coffee without the inconvenience of drinking several cups a day.

The Many Health Benefits of Coffee Capsules

Scientists have identified thousands of chemicals in coffee, ranging from catechins to antioxidants, that have a beneficial effect on human health. Recent studies have shown that daily consumption of coffee reduces the symptoms of dementia in seniors over the age of 65, and can have a positive impact on memory and recall. Coffee capsules also act as effective potentiators in analgesics, reducing pain in combination with over the counter pain killers. One of the most popular over the counter treatments for migraines comprises caffeine, acetaminophen, and an additional analgesic.

Coffee capsules are also effective in improving cardiovascular health. A recent scientific study in Japan studied Japanese men and their food consumption habits over a 30 year period. Men in the study who had a high level of coffee intake daily were shown to be at a reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, compared to those men who abstained from coffee consumption.

Capsules containing coffee have also been shown to reduce the risk of cirrhosis of the liver in many individuals. The many antioxidants in coffee such as vitamin E (also available as vitamin E capsules) have a protective effect on the liver, and can prevent damage from many toxins, such as alcohol.

Combining coffee capsules with peppermint capsules can offer a synergistic effect, allowing one to experience health benefits common to both compounds (including anti-cancer and anti-pain effects).

Coffee capsules can improve the lives of many people who opt to take them. One of the most ancient medicines, the health benefits of coffee continue to show proven benefits all the way into the modern age.

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