When it comes to vitamin, herbal or mineral supplements, most of them come in the form of capsules. Even many medications come in capsules which include over-the-counter medicines or the prescription form.



One of the many reasons that capsules are so popular to take is that they are so easy to swallow. Capsules can also go through the bloodstream at a faster rate.

Bodybuilders are starting to learn the benefits of protein capsules. Protein is mainly used in a powder form, but the bodybuilders are finding out that it is much easier to take a capsule than to drink a liquid with the protein powder. Many of the powders have a bad taste, and the capsule will go down a lot quicker and easier.

Other people may be lacking protein in their daily diet and their physician may suggest that they take protein. It is possible to purchase protein supplements in the capsule form for those who aren’t bodybuilders. Protein should be a part of everyone’s daily food intake and it may be necessary for some to take a protein capsule.

There are many manufacturers that provide pharmaceutical companies with capsules of all kinds including the ones with protein. When the protein is in a concentrated predigested form it is very beneficial to the elderly, those who have digestive problems, and those who have restricted or special diets. This capsule contains amino acids that are easy and gentle to take for those who may not tolerate the other types of protein.

Besides the predigested protein helping with digestion, peppermint capsules are also used for that same purpose. The peppermint will give relief to those who suffer with irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Many of these capsules are enteric coated which will keep them from digesting in the stomach. However, for those who suffer with severe heartburn or reflux, the peppermint may still cause these conditions to occur.

Vitamin E is an important nutrient that should be taken daily and it is very difficult to find it in foods. A vitamin E capsule taken each day will solve that problem.

There are even coffee capsules. However, these aren’t the same type as the medical form and supplements. These are called capsules, however, they are used in coffee machines to brew a cup of delicious coffee. They are made in different varieties with many flavors and also in espresso and cappuccino.

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